If you find a giant diamond are you as valuable as a giant diamond?

A young boy hopes so.

While the rest of his family sleeps, he and his dog Joy begin the hunt! His curious mind, nature, and the power of loving relationships lead the way to his most important discovery…

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“With Finding Diamonds, Sue Carroll Duffy artfully captures the unbridled enthusiasm of youth, and the magic of outdoor adventures. All children need abundant time in nearby nature, and today there are all too few books to encourage youngsters to make their own outdoor discoveries. Duffy’s book is a delightful exception to this trend, one that will undoubtedly inspire many children to seek out such wild experiences!” - Scott D. Sampson, Ph.D.

Author of How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature.
Host and Science Advisor of PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train

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Therapeutic and Educational Uses

Children and Feelings

Finding Diamonds encourages discussion of feelings. Children will reflect both upon their hopes and dreams well as their losses and struggles. It most especially helps children feel loved, just the way they are, getting to the core of self-esteem.

Children and Nature

In a time where children are on screens for many hours in a day, Finding Diamonds encourages a return to the natural world. In nature, a child is on a grand adventure of discovery, building a sense of place and relationship with natural things.

Children and the Unfocused Mind

An unfocused mind can be a benefit and inspiration. The quiet adventure of the boy in this story reminds us to enjoy a slower pace, staying open and curious in a way that often gets lost in our structured and overly scheduled lives.

“Some things are so wonderful you don’t need a reason why. They just are.” - Finding Diamonds